There is a good chance that, whatever your business or geography, our Consultancy group will be able to add value to your business.

We offer you access to our dynamic and global consultancy network comprising specialists with a wealth of experience and expertise in four key areas:

Read detailed descriptions of the services we offer below.
While our website will give you an overview of what we have to offer, we would welcome the opportunity to formulate an action plan that will meet your corporate development objectives.
Business Consultancy
This area of expertise, which is perhaps our strongest, is 'that bit' of the Venn Diagram where there is the greatest overlap. All of us, happily, have been successful consultants in our chosen fields, but more importantly can now use the strengths and experience of our individually established careers to compliment each other as part of a team.
So what are our strongest cards? You can count upon consultants who have led the field in the following areas:
  • • Banking
  • • Corporate Finance
  • • Stockbroking
  • • Executive Search
  • • Inward Investment
  • • Financial Relations
  • • Corporate Communications
  • • Civil Engineering
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Energy... to name but a few.
Executive Search
Our Consultancy group offers instant access to world class expertise, through a powerful sourcing network providing global coverage of most industries and virtually every functional discipline. We focus on the specific and unique needs of the client and use our deep understanding of industry and management issues to meet those needs precisely; an approach which explains the high quality feedback routinely received from our clients.
Intensive or multinational support is provided by key account teams offering original and customised research utilising senior, degreed research associates on every assignment. Meanwhile, our continued commitment to quality, backed up by performance and quality reviews ensure our executive search division is the best in the business.
Global Partnering
A cornerstone of our business offering is 'global partnering'. What does that mean? What it means is that all of our consultants have spent a great amount of their waking hours fine tuning their preferred list of blue-chip partners; people who have great insight, influence and ability around the globe. Consequently we can offer a virtual global office with offices in London, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Beijing. So what can you expect from us that you couldn't get elsewhere?
In short, we don't believe you could really get it elsewhere! A statement we can justify by virtue of the fact that we have assembled some of the most senior people for you who are connected to the pulse of global commerce. In aggregate we have nearly 200 years of triple AAA partnering precision. So if you need a partner in Latin America in the mining sector you should talk to us; our South American contacts have been there for four successful generations. If you find the idea of China fascinating but don't know how to find a joint venture partner, you should contact us.
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Capital Access
A vital constituent part of our offering is the bespoke capital access service which covers the 'money waterfront', so to speak. Specifically, we are able to identify and introduce you to the most appropriate source of investment, whether that is a business angel from whom you desperately need your first £250,000, or one of the 'larger players' who prefer a bigger ticket that starts at £50 million.
Thanks to our cumulative business experience we are able to cater for almost all needs. Contact: Richard Kleinwort: While our website will give you an overview of what we have to offer, we would welcome the opportunity to formulate an action plan that will meet your corporate development objectives. We certainly hope to hear from you soon.
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Corporate strategy
For many years, and for all
the right reasons, it has been
widely held that it is not
what you know, but whom
you know.
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