For many years, and for all
the right reasons, it has been widely held that it is not what you know, but whom you know. We a point.

Our focus is to bring together the "what" and the "who" thanks to a dynamic global consultancy network, dedicated to the individual needs of each one of our clients.

Our Charging structure is both simple and flexible.
• Middle East Equity Requirement
We were asked to find the outstanding equity requirement for a $1.3 billion defence contract in the Middle East.
Inside seven days we had the required $550,000 in place and signed by all parties.
• Advice for UAE Telecoms
We were asked to advise on the most appropriate agency arrangements in the UAE for a UK subsidiary of a Hong Kong quoted Telecom giant.
Our programme identified the most effective arrangements as well as the swiftest route to the major players in the region.
• Pre-Feasibility Study in South America
We were asked to provide a pre-feasibility study for a mining project in South America.
The undertaking called upon our extensive knowledge of the area and first rate governmental connections.
The pre-feasibility study has been completed, we are now moving into the Bankable Feasibility stage. Since then we have: Completed the feasibility study.
Restructured the legal and accounting status of the project.
Found a buyer and sold the project to an important investment firm from Australia, allowing the original investors to recover their investment with a profit.
All of this done in a very difficult business environment.
• Canadian Entrepreneurs seek Partnering and Investment
A newly-formed Canadian company which was involved in final-stage negotiations within a number of mining
ventures, asked us to find a significant amount of private equity finance. The introductions have been made, the money found. Recently, they purchased the UK assets of a FTSE 250 oil and gas company.
• E-Learning in China
A leading on-line provider of educational services in China asked us to find expansion/ development capital. We successfully found and introduced the appropriate investors.
We were also successful in responding to the organisation's request to find a suitable CEO.
• Anglo Indian Project
A unique business focused on developing high-quality residential communities and mixed-use developments in India.
We were charged with raising up to $10m, have devised a programme of suitable investors in Europe and the Middle East and are confident of a successful outcome.
We are flexible in the way in which we charge. For example:
• We can simply agree a monthly retainer.
• We can charge an introductory fee, payable once you win the contract. Thereafter a pre-determined success fee is payable in quarterly instalments during year one of the contract.
• Alternatively, our consultants can be engaged on an hourly rate, if desired.

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